My Father's House is a project that reaches out to children, women and families in an at-risk neighborhood of La Paz, Bolivia. My Father’s House was born out of the Anticipando Foundation in La Paz, Bolivia in August 2013.  

Anticipando’s vision is to be a place where Jesus’ presence touches and transforms us and My Father’s House seeks to be a very practical outworking of this vision in the area of Chasquipampa and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

We offer a range of classes and recreational activities and believe strongly in the power of Jesus’ transforming love that can work through us as well as the importance of creativity as a life-giving and often healing means of creating connection and friendship and removing social barriers.



The vision and name of this project is inspired by John Chapter 2 verses 13 to 22.

We came to see that Jesus calls the temple; the place of worship in His day, ‘My Father’s House’ and by that, He meant for us all to feel at home in His presence, the place where we can most be ourselves without any shame or pretence. A house is a place where we should feel safe, protected, accepted as we are and welcomed and most of all loved.

Reading the part in the Bible where Jesus throws out the money lenders and gets quite angry made me think of just how sad it made Jesus that the original purpose of the temple wasn’t being fulfilled. It had become full of barriers and restrictions and seemed to be more concerned with making money at any cost when Jesus cried out, “Don’t turn my Father’s house into a marketplace!” I think Jesus was saying, this place is intended to be a place where you can make the connection with the Father, where you can realise that you were created to be a son or daughter of God, that in this place you belong, you are welcome, you are wanted and loved and not just tolerated but really welcome.

We have a phrase which we want to become part of the culture we create at My Father’s House; “you’re not just tolerated, you’re wanted here. Really wanted and the place wouldn’t be the same without you.” That’s how God, our Father God, makes us feel in His presence.

As you can probably tell, as a project we hold firmly to Biblical principles and believe in coming to know God as our heavenly Father with the help of the Holy Spirit. However, we want everyone to feel welcome at this house, the Father’s house, and so whilst we will share our beliefs with those we come into contact with, we do not want to force them on anyone and all are welcome to attend the classes and activities, those with a faith or not.