The love of Christ embraces all without exception.
— Brennan Manning

OUR misSiOn

To contribute to the transformation of children and women in different sectors of the areas of Chasquipampa and Ovejuyo in the city of La Paz through education and the arts with the aim of introducing people to a spiritual relationship with their heavenly Father.


OUR VisiOn

To establish a support centre for women and children based on the acceptance and love God shows us as a basis for building healthy identities and mutual respect. Through encouraging the children and women’s natural talents and aptitudes to flourish through arts and crafts, school support etc. they will be offered tools to improve their chances in life from within a supportive climate of friendship and hope.



To become a house full of creativity, laughter and above all the love of Jesus so that the acceptance we can know through becoming children of God would not just be a concept we talk about but rather something that we really experience and live out, and that over time, this love and acceptance would break cycles of violence, abuse, addiction and poverty, bringing hope and restoration instead. 

Whilst sharing God’s love is what motivates us to do what we do, we do not want to ever force anyone to believe or do something they are not comfortable with, so whilst we are a Christian Project, operating from principles based on the Bible, we want this house and the activities we run from here to be open to everyone without exception.